Regina Hall is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, known for her incredible range and ability to bring complex characters to life on screen. As a nominee for the NAACP Image Awards' Best Actress award, it's no surprise that Regina would choose to make a statement with her fashion choices. And that's exactly what she did at the awards ceremony, wearing a stunning customized luxury couture NARCES dress that perfectly complemented her style and personality. Styled by the renowned Alison Edmond, Regina's NARCES dress was a true work of art. Featuring intricate detailing and a bold 3D texture, the dress was a perfect reflection of Regina's confident and fearless spirit. From the moment she stepped onto the red carpet, Regina commanded attention in her NARCES gown.

Regina Hall in a narces dress gown

@GettyImages Photo Aaron Thornton & George Pimentel 


Regina also recently wore a customized luxury couture embellished velvet NARCES jumpsuit on Jimmy Fallon's show, showing off her sense of style and bringing a touch of glamour to the late-night talk show circuit. As she sat down to chat with Jimmy, Regina looked stunning in her NARCES jumpsuit, which featured a contrast in silhouette with a knot plunging neckline compared to her awards ceremony gown.

Overall, Regina Hall's fashion choices at the NAACP Image Awards and on Jimmy Fallon's show were a true testament to her incredible sense of style and her ability to make a statement wherever she goes.











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