Join us on April 7th at 12pm EST, for a very exciting session with Jaana Jätyri, the founder of the fashion, innovation, trend, forecasting agency Trendstop.

IG LIVE Topics:

  • What starts a trend?
  • What used to start it pre-social media and what starts now post-social media?
  • How do you know what is about to trend?
  • Psychology of colour during times of adversity and then after during normalcy.  I heard when the economy is down, the colour gold is everywhere. Is that true?
  • Mass vs luxury trends
  • Thoughts on the new generation (social media gen) and how key will they be in driving trends
  • How has being more digital rather than social in person interaction changed our behaviour and how will that change us moving forward in trend evolutions
  • Roaring 20s prediction for post-covid - predictions on whether we will go through that as well, her prediction on our mindset on purchasing, fashion



Trendstop was founded in 2002 by Jaana Jätyri, a world-leading fashion futurist with a special interest in sustainability.

Trendstop was built on a desire to change the fashion industry – to help brands operate in a more considered, less wasteful and ultimately more sustainable way, by producing the right product at the right time that sells to the target customer. 

Clients have included Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Facebook, Zara, H&M, Adidas, and Calvin Klein to name a few, where we work with creative directors, heads of design and design teams to establish trend direction.

Today, Trendstop has a team of 30 passionate trend experts headquartered in London, and receive a daily live stream of global observations from 148 trend spotters located across 27 of the world’s most trend-relevant cities.

Whilst there are plenty of fashion agencies, trend agencies and innovation agencies out there, Trendstop is unique in that we combine all three. We have a keen eye on innovation and early adoption in the fashion and lifestyle industries, and our research and insights are always consumer driven.






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