From sleek designs to diamond showstoppers, discover the pieces making this year’s special occasions all the more special. 

With small intimate parties slowly filling up our social calendars, these special occasions—which feel even more precious after such a long hiatus—call for equally extraordinary jewellery.

Whether you’re on the hunt for symbolic pieces doubling as convenient conversation starters or aiming for an arresting, all-diamond look, our style guide —created in collaboration with Canada’s leading designer of fine jewellery since 1879, Bijoux Birks —will surely inspire you for all the magical moments ahead. 

decked in diamonds

Moments suited for extra sparkle and sequins, just like the ones on this asymmetrical Lozen dress, call for diamonds. New to the Birks Splash family, these stud earrings and this pavé bangle offer ultra-sleek lines, leaving centre stage to their round diamonds, set in a modern trio of round, pear, and emerald-shaped bezels.

Paying homage to the enchanting ephemerality of the morning dew, this Birks Rosée du Matin ring will catch everyone’s eye with its dancing swirls of diamonds. Just as stunning is this Birks Snowflake diamond necklace, scintillating like immaculate snow, thanks to its pendant reminiscent of the dainty composition of a snowflake.



Minimalist pieces are always on trend, but these ones have a certain je ne sais quoi. Take this delicate Birks Essentials gold bracelet for example, which features a bar that can be engraved to its wearer’s likings. For ultimate timelessness, nothing compares to a pair of 18 k gold and pearl stud earrings.

Looking for a classic number, but with a touch of glimmer? Birks Rosée du Matin hoop earrings and Birks Essential ring are both adorned with diamond pavé. Wear them with this statement Enyo gown cut in a muted chartreuse chantilly lace for a truly impeccable pairing.




No styling faux pas can occur when sporting jewellery that holds special meaning to you. The Birks Dare to Dream collection, which stands as a celebration of one’s hopes and aspirations, resonates, rightly so, with many. This ring and bracelet stack up three types of gold—yellow, white, and rose—next to the Maison’s signature mesh motif, creating an audacious combination worthy of its wearer’s dreams.

 More classic-looking, the Birks Blue necklace holds a very special secret: a blue sapphire, carefully lodged underneath its diamond pendant, symbolizing faith and trust. For a stunning and particularly timely accessory, Birks Snowflake earrings look like glittering, freshly fallen snow, eternalizing the ethereal beauty of Canadian winters.

Consider completing the look with the pared-down yet spectacular Sima dress, which can be styled in a myriad of ways to fit any occasion, making it the ideal companion for sartorial self-expression.




For a look truly unique to you, don’t be afraid to mix different metals, stones, and shapes with an unexpected ensemble, like Tony our velvet sequin knot jumpsuit.

In terms of jewellery, this Birks Dare to Dream tri-gold necklace proves to be the ideal starting point as its collage of materials can be mirrored in the rest of your jewellery selection. Echo the yellow gold band with these Birks Essentials bar earrings and hint at the diamond pavé with this Birks Essentials white gold bracelet or these Birks Snowflake earrings, resulting in a stunning one-of-a-kind pastiche.


Regardless of the pieces of jewellery gracing your neck, hands, or ears, as long as you feel joy and enchantment when putting them on, you will have picked the right ones.



From the Narces and Bijoux Birks family, we wish you happy 2022!