NARCES in L'Officiel Magazine

We are loving the images in L'Officiel shot by Cathy Du @cathy_moya. The fashion film featured on our homepage is also created by Cathy Du and styled by Ryan L. Mcgovern @ryanlmcgovern.

narces, l'officiel, magazine narces, l'officiel, magazine

Photographer: Cathy Du  //  @cathy_moya

Stylist: Ryan L. Mcgovern  //  @ryanlmcgovern

Make-Up Artist: Matthew King  //  @mttthw

Artists Agency: Judy Inc  //  @judyinc

Hairstylist: Ryan L. Mcgovern  //  @ryanlmcgovern

Model: Julia Boncoddo  //  @juliaboncoddo

Model Agency: WANT management  //  @wantmanagement

Producer: MOYA Studio  //  @moyastudio1

Assistant: Patrick Li  //  @patrick_li