At NARCES, we truly believe a bridal gown should be a dream gown. A dress that you dream of and envision yourself in for your wedding day. At the core of our brand is our love for designing and creating unique pieces especially designed for you and your special occasions. The modern design and craftsmanship skills and expertise in creating these unique pieces, come through a continued dedication to evolution and innovation, to offer newness to our collections and clients. We are committed to our design and craftsmanship for every creative custom piece and look forward to creating a one of a kind experience for your special day.


Initial Consult


Our initial consultations are set up by appointment only, either in person at our Toronto Store, or virtually for any out of town clients. At the start of your creative custom journey you will meet with our specialists on a one-on-one basis. This consult is to discuss with our team how you envision the event or the custom piece you dream of which could also be through any inspiration ideas or images. During this appointment, our latest collections and relevant existing designs are reviewed and discussed for further inspiration on fabrics, and silhouettes.



Design Consult


The initial consult provides the designer with the details to the custom piece and occasion requirements. Our designer will combine all ideas and inspiration in a sketch designed especially for you. You are then set up with a design consult to discuss details on the custom piece, fabrics, colours, silhouettes, and any adjustments and revisions to the design. During this appointment, your detailed measurements are taken to create the custom piece especially for you.



Pattern Making


Following a finalized design of the custom piece, the next step is our technical process of pattern making to create the basis for the unique piece made especially to measurements taken.  We take pride in our team’s unique expertise in modernized pattern making techniques and shaping of the garment to the body according to the custom design.





Fit is the final step in bringing together the vision of our designer and client. From the design to sculpting and construction could be hundreds of hours of craftsmanship with our team. Once the piece is at first fitting stage, the client will be invited for an appointment with our team. Our goal is to create the perfect fit for the body through fittings and adjustments to sculpt to the body with our team of experts.